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When my stepdad announced he had made reservations for us to go out to breakfast, I inwardly groaned. My husband had just gone back to the city, and I had been looking forward to a break in the constant seeking of food related experiences. However, I appreciated the kind thought and (so I imagined) bravely hopped in the truck, shouldering my new camera. At least I could get some practice in, as I knew we’d be driving through picaresque Sheepscot Village on our way to Alna.

Breakfast is a notoriously difficult meal to make well. Eggs are easily overcooked, pancakes may be leaden, and fake syrup might be plunked down with no hope of an alternative. So my expectations were not high. But as soon as we walked through the front door, I smelled deliciousness, saw the neatly ordered rows of perfectly baked scones, and felt what can only be described as a good vibe. 

My breakfast, eggs scrambled with baby spinach and horseradish, house-made sausage, Anadama toast and homemade jam, was sublime. And the proprietress, a wildly talented chef, was extremely kind; she graciously allowed me to bumble at will with my camera, (which could only have been irritating). Of the photos I took, many were poor - lens distortion and bad focus - but the above pleased me and I certainly learned much about photography and gracious living in the meantime.

This isn’t a ‘real’ restaurant in that it is open to whomever walks through the door at set hours. Reservations must be made and sometimes the table is full when one most wants to be there. But I would take any time and any day, just to have this lovely experience again.

"This is the type of breakfast," I explained frenziedly to my older son, who was not present at the meal, "that makes you just not want to bother with other breakfasts anymore." As I ponder the contents of my refrigerator, eyeing the usual, boring suspects, I think I’ll just hold off until lunch. And send an email to Joanie in the meantime.

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    Googles right away Wabi Sabi Cottage , its in Canada T_T
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    Omg…this is pretty what I wanted to do in life. And Wabi Sabi Cottage??? What a perfect name!
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