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Sayeh Sarfaraz’s installation addressing repression during Iran’s Green Revolution is on view until November 15th at Brooklyn’s Invisible Dog. Well worth checking out.

Some Portland (Maine) street/public art. Please note, the greeting card piece lives in a very stinky parking lot. Not to choose favorites, but I really like the goldenrod stencil.

Warren Island, near Islesboro. I haven’t talked about my Maine State Park passport obsession lately, probably because I only had 5 left to visit at the beginning of the summer and have problems finishing things. Nevertheless, I finagled a boat ride out here this morning. Now there are 4. Luckily, one of those is in the Allagash and will require intensive map reading sessions and focused planning.

As for Warren Island, every campsite boasted a gorgeous view and firewood was plentiful (and supplied by the park). I would love to return for a proper campout, but only if it doesn’t rain. There were a couple of empty sites today, so I am thinking it could be a last minute plan. Every once in a while, those are the best.

Is this our last hike of the season? I hope not. Further exploration of Evans Notch, rugged and scenic. 40 mph gusts at the summit came as a surprise. We had to find a hobbit hole of sorts so our lunch didn’t blow away.

More Aziscohos Lake. After a 14 mile journey on a well kept dirt road, we reached Bosebuck Camps. You can fly, boat or drive in for dinner. My swordfish was delicious. Perhaps a later, lengthier visit is in order. I would like to read by the lake and kayak those coves.

Post industrial

Mt. Blue, Weld. As promised, a straight up slog with only an abandoned ranger cabin and curious spring to break it up. We looked out toward Tumbledown and planned our next hike.

Aziscohos, mountain and lake. We camped at a remote site and marveled at the beauty.

Cloud blanket

Cloud blanket

Pine shadows. There are supposed to be a lot of stars tonight.

Pine shadows. There are supposed to be a lot of stars tonight.